The Training Programmes

JSSTICE Training Programme, at present, offers full-time training to candidates aspiring to join All India Services or State Civil Services. It is necessary that only serious candidates who can spare at least seven hours daily for study and training need apply. There is no part-time course. Every year, the Institute receives more than a thousand applications for admission. A written test and individual interview are conducted before selecting students for admission. Only 90 most promising candidates are selected strictly on merit basis. JSSTICE Training Programme involves training in 4 packages as explained hereunder. From 2015-16, six optional subjects are a part of the weekend training programme for those who are in full-time employment but would like to write these examinations.

Package I: All Indian Services Mains & Preliminary Examination Training

Generally, training for All India Services combined examinations starts in the first week of January and ends in the last week of July each year. The calendar of events of JSSTICE Training Programme published in June every year gives details of the Time Schedules of Training Packages of the ensuing year.

However, with effect from 2017, the preliminary examination for AIS will be held in June. Accordingly, the Package I programme is rescheduled to start in November and end in June.

Package-I covers two papers of Preliminary Examination which consist of objective type multiple choice questions. Certain basic skills required to understand, analyse and select the best answers to different types of questions are taught. Emphasis is on exercises and acquisition skills to crack questions of logical, numerical and analytical types quickly. General knowledge component is also extensively covered along with current affairs.

The second part of Package-I includes coverage of language papers and five compulsory papers, essay paper, four general knowledge papers and two papers in one of the optional subjects. At present, JSSTICE Training Programme imparts training in seven optional subjects. These are Geography, Public Administration, History, Sociology, Economics, Anthropology and Kannada Literature.

Package II: Revision Training for All India Main Examination

Soon after preliminary examinations are over, JSSTICE Training Programme calls for applications from those who have appeared for the preliminary examination. This is Revision Training for the main examination. It lasts for 10 to 12 weeks. This will be need-based and would cater to the choices of the admitted students exclusively for the main examinations.

Package III: Training for Karnataka Civil Service

The third package of training is exclusively for candidates appearing for the Karnataka Civil Service Examinations. Since syllabus for these examinations are nearly identical to All India Service Examination, teaching pattern, duration, and content of training are also the same as for the All India Services. However, second papers of the Optional Subjects are taught separately and exclusively to the candidates appearing for the Karnataka Civil Service Examinations.

Package IV: Personality Tests

Package IV is intended for candidates who pass the All India Services Main Examination and Karnataka Civil Service Main Examination. This package lasts for about 2 weeks. It consists of Mock Interviews and practice sessions. Etiquette and manners essential for successful interviews are taught along with skills in language, presentation, dressing and appearance, the presence of mind and emotional control.